My home page for the weary

My home page for the weary

Welcome to my home page. Here's some stuff to relax you if you need it!

Clock Your Weary Time

No picture of me available. Here's one of Albert Einstein instead. He looks awfully sleepy here, don't you think?

Einstein never actually met Marilyn (Monroe or Quayle).

Einstein also urges you to Think different

How about a nice caffeinated beverage to wake you up?

  • Coffee?
  • Soda?
  • The less generic 'Coke' (tm)

    Sorry, no tea available.

    The Houston Rockets

    Back to Back NBA Champs. Really! From Houston! No fooling!

    The Toy Subs

    The Toy Subs are a reasonably intellectual street gang that also happen to play music. They are: Jamie Jahan, Alex Tittel, Greg Mayfield, and John Simmons.

    Click here for a picture of Alex, Jamie, and some unidentified fan.

    Photo courtesy Alan Tansey, Algie Photography

    The band has become a bit harder edged since this tune, but they are still a blend of "alternative" rock, and some memorable melodies. Their current project is a 4-song CD called "Vim Del Fuego," under the name of Shed, which is one of the names the band occasionally uses. More information is available through the network from: their web page

    Here's a tune from the band, which will wake you up so you can continue traveling through cyberspace. Slow Down a Toy Subs original tune.

    The necessary Yahoo! link, but at least this one here goes somewhere interesting on that mighty, mighty, categorization masterpiece.

    Just guess what happens when you click here!

    Top Ten Signs Your Name is "Ed"

    Houston, Texas

    The Downtown Skyline

    The spaghetti bowl some know as Houston.
    I live nowhere near the star. :-)

    Links to stuff

  • LSwDL Web Server
  • The Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Press Releases
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation

  • Gin Blossoms

    Me talking to Robin Wilson of 'Gin Blossoms' on Rockline

    The Gin Blossoms Unofficial Home Page

    Cats on Film!

    A webcam focused mainly on some cats of my acquaintence. Yawn!

    Stairways to Heaven!

    Love it or loathe it, the song remains the same. Here's some info on how a CD of cover versions came about. Really good stuff, funny yet also intensely serious,and one of my favorites!

    Click here!

    Links to Beatles stuff

    Go see the home page, of which I am the webmaster. All your desires (well, many of them anyway) will be sated:

  • The rmb home page!

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