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Rockline Excerpt - 2/12/96

Host:   Ed in Houston tonight, he's listening to Rock101 - KLOL.
	Ed, you're on with Gin Blossoms.

Me:     Hi, I've just got two quick questions.   First off, I was wondering
	whether any of you have been on the Internet, and what you thought.
	There's a web page, and there's a mailing list devoted to you guys.

Robin:  Ummmm, Yeah, one of our fans did a really great one, she's done a
	lot of research, and it's pretty amazing how much they know.   What 
	I think is really fascinating about this web thing is that yesterday
	we came in and did an interview, and, um, the guy doing the interview
	had downloaded all of this stuff from the web, and we thought, wondered
	what he was seeing.   Was it the bio we had put out?   Our official
	record company bio or whatever, but it was just like stuff he had 
	downloaded from the web - or somebody had downloaded for him, we're
	not really sure, and we all thought that it was really amazing that we 
	live in a world where there's no possible way we can control our
	own bio! 

Host:   Gets kind of scary that way, doesn't it sometimes.  (Robin: Yeah, it's
        weird)   And, Ed, you had another question?

Me:	There's an acoustic tape going around of Robin, and it's got some
	songs that haven't otherwise been released: "Twenty Five Women Ago,"
	and "Heart Away," which showed up on _Shut Up and Smoke_, um, I was
	wondering whether you could give us a little background on that?

Robin:	Well, I had borrowed a four-track recorder from a friend of mine,
	and um, for like a couple of months, Doug Hopkins was staying with
	me in my apartment, and, every once in awhile we would just plug the 
        thing in, and do some...recording.   Doug and I recorded a whole bunch
        of stuff, um, that summer, and it's really amazing that that tape is
	out there, 'cause I've probably only given about 5 or 6 copies of it
	away.   But then again, I did play...after Doug died there was a 
	tribute show for him on one of the local stations in Phoenix, and we
	played a lot of that stuff that night, and maybe that's where it's
	coming from.     Well, I hope you enjoy it anyway.

Host:   Thanks Ed for calling.   They call that on the Internet "The Unofficial
	Recordings."  Politely referred to as.

Jesse(?):  Like the unofficial bio?

Host:   Right, yeah, stuff like that, yeah.
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