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>From article <>, by (saki):
> Remember how this started? I was just musing whether the British
> pop show, "Ready, Steady, Go!" (hereafter "RSG!"), was the same
> thing as the TV special "Around the Beatles"---Dave Clark, pop
> entrepreneur extraordinaire (now that he's tired of being a pop
> star :-), has marketed them that way.

Since this is a scholarly discussion :-), some nit picking is in order...

> Beatles also appeared. Associated Rediffusion appears to be one of
> several independent production and broadcast services in the UK, such as
> Granada, ITV, ABC-TV (surely not associated with the American ABC?),
> STV (Scottish TV)...from what I can tell, they may have been a part
> of the IBA Network, an association on independent broadcasters in
> the UK not connected to the BBC-TV system. Associated Rediffusion

> Their second live TV appearance was on 3 December 1962, from TWW
> Studios in Bristol (the South, for those of you without a map), on

> as the Crawdaddy Club to hear an R&B group called the Rolling
> Stones (well, the guys had to relax sometime.) On 16 April is

> More appearances of all sorts followed for the Fabs...TV, radio,
> concerts...this was the era when the print media was beginning
> to sense something afoot in the world of pop music. The Beatles,
> for their part, continued to create new hits ("She Loves You"
> would be released that summer; "With The Beatles" was in process.)

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