February 28, 1993       compiled by Moko

This list includes:

        songs about the Beatles
        songs that mention the Beatles
        songs that quote Beatles songs
        parody songs to the tune of Beatles songs
        covers of Beatles songs that are so bad as to be funny
        covers of Beatles songs by unexpected "artists" (e.g. William Shatner)
        songs that are deliberately and outrageously Beatlesque (e.g. Rutles)
        parodies of the Beatles' image, such as their appearance or album covers

(All the above categories also apply to the ex-Fabs in their solo careers,
as well as George Martin, Yoko, Julian, Sean, Zak, Pete Best, Macca's sheep-
dog, etc.)

This list does *not* include:

        songs performed by the Beatles or the ex-Fabs (e.g. "Early 1970")
        songs or groups which are merely "Beatlesque" (e.g. The La's)
        covers of Beatles songs which do not have some novelty value (see
        note below)
        break-in songs that are only Beatles-related by virtue of using bits
        of Beatles songs (e.g. "Three Mile Island Interlude") (see note below)
        parody album covers from Beatles bootlegs (e.g. _Beatles for Auction_)
        books, magazines, etc. with Beatles parodies (e.g. _Paperback Writer_)

Corrections, additional information and opinions are welcome. Help with the
questions at the end of the list would be especially appreciated.
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Nothing is too silly or too obscure to be considered.
I have a mailing list for automatic updates of the list. (Strange, but true.)

A note about covers of Beatles songs: These are well-documented in Scott
Galuska's COVERS list, which is available from saki at .
Obviously, there is some overlap between the lists, but I've tried not to
include borderline-novelty entries which are on Scott's list (e.g. _Ragtime

A note about "break-in" songs: These are songs in which someone (usually a
DJ) asks questions that are "answered" by bits of popular songs. About 200
Fab songs, ranging from "Love Me Do" to "Magneto and Titanium Man" have been
used in break-ins. For a list of break-ins using Beatles songs, see the book
"You Can't Do That". (see note below)

For further information:

See "All Together Now: The First Complete Beatles Discography 1961-1975",
by Harry Castleman and Walter J. Podrazik, for a list of the main ones.

"You Can't Do That: Beatles Bootlegs & Novelty Records, 1963-1980" by Charles
Reinhart contains detailed discographies and cross-referenced indexes. It
gives more details about many of the songs in this list, as well as many more
songs I have not included. I recommend it.

Both of these books are published by Popular Culture, Ink. (yes, "Ink.")
Available direct from the publisher. E-mail me for details.

Most of the descriptions and opinions are those of the contributors.
Alphabetization is letter-by-letter, not word-by-word.

The cover of _The Abbey Road E.P._ by The Red Hot Chili Peppers is a parody of
the _Abbey Road_ cover. It's a photo of the Peppers walking across the famous
crosswalk, (hereinafter referred to as "The Street") naked except for socks on
their cocks (a fashion statement often on display in their stage shows).
1988 EMI-Manhattan CD # CDP-7-90869-23

_Alien Sleestacks from Brazil_ by Tater Totz (members of Redd Kross and
various LA punk and alternative bands) contains numerous Beatle covers. The
first side has an interesting melding of "Give Peace a Chance" and "We Will
Rock You" and a cover of "I've Just Seen A Face", with Danny Bonaduce (of
Partridge Family fame) singing lead. The second side is a long cover of Yoko
Ono's "Don't Worry Kyoko".
1988? Giant Records?

"Alison" by Elvis Costello from _My Aim is True_:

        I'm not gonna get too sentimental,
        Like those other sticky valentines.
        'Cause I don't know if you were lovin' somebody;
        I only know it isn't mine.

This may be a reference to:

        Would you believe in a love at first sight?
        Yes, I'm certain that it happens all the time.
        What do you see when you turn out the light?
        I can't tell you but I know it's mine.

This sounds like a stretch, at first, but each couplet seems to refer to its
counterpart. In the context of "Alison", "those other stick valentines"
probably refers to former boyfriends, but considering the sentimentality of
the first "With a Little Help..." couplet, it could also refer to Paul and John.

1977 Columbia CD # CK 35037

"All Good People" [see "I've Seen All Good People" below]

"All I Want for Christmas is a Beatle" by Dora Bryan might have been to the
tune of "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth".
**1963** Fontana 45 # 427

"All I Want Is Everything" by Jellyfish from _Bellybutton_:
"I think I'd like to play guitar and be a Beatle, and be so swell."

"All My Loving" by Honor Blackman (of TV's _The Avengers_ and _Kinky Boots_
and the movie _Goldfinger_) is diabolically bad.

"All My Loving" by Frivolous Five from _Sour Cream and Other Delights_
A brass group like Herb Alpert with the talent of Mrs. Miller
RCA Victor # LSP-3663

"All the Young Dudes" by Mott the Hoople:
"Well, my brother's back at home with his Beatles and his Stones."
[winner in the song-most-often-contributed category]

"All You Need Is Love" by the Justified Ancients of MuMu from _1987 What
the Fuck is Going On?_ samples the "love love love" intro from the Beatles
song of the same name. (The album was deleted and destroyed due to a copyright
violation [using Abba's "Dancing Queen"].)

"All You Wanna Do Is Dance" by Billy Joel from _Turnstiles_:
"Why don't the Beatles get back together?"

"American Pie" by Don McLean contains many lines thought to refer to the

The following are excerpts from a post by Rich Kulawiec (version
18 Aug 92). If you would like the entire article, e-mail Rich at

And while Lennon read a book on Marx,

                        Literally, John Lennon reading about Karl Marx;
                        figuratively, the introduction of radical politics
                        into the music of the Beatles.

The quartet practiced in the park

                        There are two schools of thought about this; the
                        obvious one is the Beatles playing in Shea Stadium,
                        but note that the previous line has John Lennon
                        *doing something else at the same time*.  This
                        tends to support the theory that this is a reference
                        to the Weavers, who were blacklisted during the
                        McCarthy era.  McLean had become friends with Lee Hays
                        of the Weavers in the early 60's while performing
                        in coffeehouses and clubs in upstate New York and
                        New York City.

Helter Skelter in a summer swelter

                        "Helter Skelter" is a Beatles song which appears
                        on the "white" album.  Charles Manson, claiming
                        to have been "inspired" by the song (through which
                        he thought God and/or the devil were taking to him)
                        led his followers in the Tate-LaBianca murders.

                        Is "summer swelter" a reference to the "Summer of
                        Love" or perhaps to the "long hot summer" of Watts?

While sergeants played a marching tune

                        Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band".

                        Or, perhaps McLean refers to the Beatles' music
                        as "marching" because it's not music for dancing.

We all got up to dance
Oh, but we never got the chance

                        The Beatles' 1966 Candlestick Park concert only
                        lasted 35 minutes.

                        Or, following on from the previous comment, perhaps
                        he meant that there wasn't any music to dance to.

'Cause the players tried to take the field,
The marching band refused to yield.

                        This could be a reference to the dominance of
                        the Beatles on the rock and roll scene.  For instance,
                        the Beach Boys released "Pet Sounds" in 1966,
                        an album which featured some of the same sort of studio
                        and electronic experimentation as "Sgt. Pepper",
                        but the album sold poorly because the Beatles'
                        release got most of the press.

                        Some folks think this refers to either the 1968
                        Deomcratic Convention or Kent State.

                        This might also be a comment about how the
                        dominance of the Beatles in the rock world
                        led to more "pop art" music, leading in turn
                        to a dearth of traditional rock and roll.

"Annie Christian" by Prince from _Controversy_:
        Annie Christian, anti-christ
        Before you're crucified
        I live my life in taxi cabs
        You shot John Lennon...

"A Background to History" by Monty Python from _Matching Tie & Handkerchief_:
An interviewer asks questions about medieval agrarian history and is answered
with a brief explanation followed by a fully orchestrated Beatles song with
new words.

"Bad to Me" by Leif Garrett - a truly awful version of the Lennon/McCartney
song (originally recorded by Billy J. Kramer and The Dakotas in 1963).

"Ball of Confusion" by The Temptations: "The Beatles' new record's a gas!"

"The Baegles [no typo] Lonely Hearts Club Band" is by the Baefgles [no typo].

_Beatle Barkers_ by the Woofers and Tweeters Ensemble is an entire album of
Lennon/McCartney hits performed by dogs. Recordings of real dogs have been
spliced together note-by-note (bark-by-bark) to come up with the songs.
It's...ummmm...unique. Passport LP # PB 6032

"The Beatle Bounce" by Bobby Comstock & The Counts     1964 Lawn 45 # 229

"Beatle Disco" by Cafe' Cre^me (a Dutch group?) is a medley of Beatles songs
in disco style.

"Beatlemania" by Jack Nitzsche is an instrumental mishmash of "Please
Please Me", "From Me to You", "I Want to Hold Your Hand" and "Needles
and Pins". It sounds like the Beach Boys on Seconal.
available on BEATLESONGS (q.v.)

_Beatle Mania! in the U.S.A._
The Liverpools

The cover of this album is very similar to _A Hard Days Night_ (the
one by the Manchesters, not the one by the Beatles, whoever they were):
a drawing of four haircuts with eyes.

includes:       She Loves You
                I Want to Hold Your Hand
                I Saw Her Standing There
                Please Please Me           ["Cornerstone Songs ASCAP" ???]

Liner notes:
"Four _liver_-uppers have _pooled_ their talents to present a 'model' album."
"... presented here is the down-beat quartet with the down-sweep hair-set...THE

Wyncote LP # W 9001 (no copyright date)

"Beatle Rap" by The Qworymen: Each Beatle does a short autobiographical
monologue. "Very funny!" raves Bill Gasarch. "Ditto!" rants Moko.
available on BEATLESONGS (q.v.)

"Beatles and the Stones" by The House of Love from self-titled album.
1990 Fontana LP # 842 293-1  cassette # 842 293-4  CD # 842 293-2
or remixed as 45 # 875 282-7

_BEATLESONGS: A Collection of Beatles Novelties Volume 1_

This album is the easiest way to get some Beatles novelty songs. It is
highly recommended by contributors to this list. I have never seen any
indication that Volume 2 exists.

Tracks: The Invasion                      by Buchanan and Greenfield
        Hold My Hand                         The Rutles
        We Love You Beatles                  The Carefrees
        My Boyfriend Got a Beatle Haircut    Donna Lynn
        Letter From Elaina                   Casey Kasem
        Beatlemania                          Jack Nitzsche
        Beatle Rap                           The Qworymen
        L.S. Bumble Bee                      Peter Cook & Dudley Moore
        Pop Hates The Beatles                Allan Sherman
        Letter to The Beatles                The Four Preps
        The Beetle                           Gary Usher

1982 Rhino LP # RHLP 803
I believe this is out of print, but I've seen it offered in "Goldmine".

_Beattle Mash_ (front cover)             The Liverpool Kids    (front cover)
_Beatle Mash_  (LP label)         by     The Liverpool Moptops (liner notes)
                                         The Schoolboys        (LP label)

This album was designed to cash in the first wave of American Beatlemania.
includes: "She Loves You", "Why Don't You Set Me Free (rips off "I Want to
Hold Your Hand") and "Japanese Beatles" (instrumental)
Palace LP # M-777 (no copyright date)

"The Beetle" by Gary Usher is a dance instruction song.
"Use a little English / And comb your hair down in your face"
1964 Capitol 45 # 5128  - also available on _BEATLESONGS_ (q.v.)

_The Beetle Beat_ by The Buggs


Similar to _Beattle Mash_, but with a more professional look. The cover is a
semi-silhouette photo of four not-quite-young men with longish hair, wearing
black turtlenecks.

Tracks: I Want to Hold Your Hand        She Loves You
        Mersey Mercy                    Liverpool Drag
        Soho Mash                       Swingin' Thames
        East End                        Big Ben Hop
        London Town Swing               Teddy 'Boy Stomp (sic)

Liner notes: "In this album you will hear the original Liverpool sound recorded
              on location in England by the Buggs, a fast moving, well paced
              group that we are sure you will like."

Coronet LP # CX-212  "a division of Premier Albums, Inc."
(no copyright date)

This is not the same group that did "Buggs vs. the Beatles" (q.v.)

"Be My Yoko Ono" by Barenaked Ladies is from _Gordon_.

_The Best of Benny Hill_ has Benny crossing The Street on the front

"Between John & Yoko" by Easy is on _Magic Seed_ (1990) and _Mute International

_The Black Album_ by Prince [bootleg only]

"Bring the Noise" by Public Enemy: Yoko is mentioned in name only (as a
rhyme with Sonny Bono, no less!).

"Buggs vs. The Beatles" by the Buggs: "We'll have to rumble / Beatles vs. Buggs"
1964 Soma 45 # 1413

Peter Sellers did "Can't Buy Me Love" as a duet with himself (one male, one
female). (availability uncertain - might be on a 1991 EMI compilation) See
also _The Songs of Peter Sellers_ below.

The Capitol Steps, a political novelty group, have done several songs to the
tune of Beatles songs:

        "Fatal Distractions" (to the tune of "With a Little Help From My
        Friends") is about the Supreme Court nominations of Bork, Ginsburg
        and Kennedy.

        "Fools On the Hill" about Congress. (They've done two like this.)

        "I Got High a Couple of Times With My Friends" about Doug Ginsberg's
         nomination to the Supreme Court

        "Maxwell's Silver Stammer" is about military budgets and jargon.

        "When I'm Sixty-Two/COLA" is about retirement benefits.

For more information on The Capitol Steps, call 800-733-STEP.

"Career of Evil" by Blue Oyster Cult:
"I'd like to do it like you ought-a ... on a dirt road."
[first runner-up: Yoko Ono Walking On Thin Ice Award]

"Car Phone" by Roger McGuinn from has a plot about a guy who dies as a hitman
explodes some dynamite in the back of his car by calling him on the car phone.
In the back, after this happens, is a little sighing chorus of "he blew his
mind out in a caaaa---aar".

"C'era un Ragazzo che Come me Amava I Beatles e I Rolling Stones",
written by Lusini & Migliacci, by Joan Baez off _The Contemporary Ballad
Book_. [in the running for "most obscure reference"]

_The Chipmunks Sing The Beatles_ (aka _The Chipmunks Sing The Beatles Hits_)
features some of the early songs.
1990 EMI-Manhattan CD # CDP-7-48370-2
1982 Liberty LP # LN-10177
1964 Liberty LP # 3388
1964 Liberty EP # 7388

The Chipmunks' _Alvin All-star Chipmunk Band_ is vaguely like SPLHCB.

"Close But No Cigar"  by Thomas Dolby samples some of the incidental sounds
from Sgt Pepper's.

Crazy Calls - many funny asswering machine messages. One of them is in
Beatles style.

"Cygnet Committee"? by David Bowie? has:

        Infiltrated business cesspools
        Hating through our sleeves
        And we slit the Catholic throat
        Stoned the poor on slogans such as
                "Wish You Could Hear"
                "Love Is All We Need"
                "Kick Out the Jams"

"Dakota" by Christine Lavin is about John's death, sung from a cab outside
the Dakota:

        I don't believe in coincidence, so why then on the radio
        Did an old familiar voice echo back from not so long ago
        It said "Imagine all the people, living life in peace"
        Well, that's hard to do when you're on this blood-stained street

"A Day In the Life of Green Acres" by Barnes and Barnes and Damaskas combines
the tune (sort of) of "A Day In the Life" with the lyrics of "Green Acres".
1979 Asanine 45 # 1

"A Day In the Life - 91" by Whimsical Will is a story constructed out of the
titles of 91 Beatles songs. It's spoken, not sung.

"Day Tripper" by Mae West from _Way Out West_ Tower LP # ST 5028

Utopia has an album entitled _Deface the Music_ in which all the songs are
Beatlesque. The album cover is a sort of parody of the _With the Beatles_ cover.
1980 Rhino/Bearsville LP # RNLP 70873

_The Dinosaurs_ (exact title?) has something to do with the (ABC?) TV show of
the same name. The (back?) cover shows four of the Dinosaur characters crossing
what is labeled "Pre Abbey Road".

"The Disappointed" by XTC from _Nonesuch_:

        The disappointed
        Will bear me on their shoulders
        To a secret shadow land
        Where a sombre marching band
        Plays a tune for broken hearts

"Don't Get Me Wrong" by the Bonzo Dog Doo Da Band from _Let's Make Up & Be
Friendly_ is a shameless Beatles parody, with Neil Innes (also of The Rutles,
q.v.) doing his John Lennon imitation. (1972?)

"Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio?" by The Ramones:
"Do you remember Jerry Lee, John Lennon, T. Rex and [can't hear this] too?"
Available on _Ramonesmania_ 1988 Sire CD # 9 25709-2

"Drive My Car" by Gina X is done in an odd accent with sound effects mixed in.

"Eddie Are You Kidding" by Flo & Eddie from _Illegal, Immoral & Fattening_
has a segment that lampoons a lot of pop stars, including a bit of "My Sweet
Lord" where George's voice breaks down.

The 1985 movie _The Goonies_ has this in the music credits:

        Performed by GOON SQUAD
        Produced by Arthur Baker
        Written by Arthur Baker, Robbie Kilgore, and Jimmy Bralower

Presumably, this is the instrumental played while two of the young heroes are
being attacked by a giant octopus. :-) I hereby give myself honorable mention
in the "obscure references" category.

"Eleanor Rigby" is done by Doodles Weaver as if he was drunk.
Available on _Dr. Demento's Delights_ 1975 Warner Bros. LP # BS 2855

"Empty Garden" by Elton John is about the death of John Lennon.

"Everybody's Gumby" by Flo and Eddie from _The Gumby Album_ (a collection of
songs about Gumby) [don't look at me, I just work here :-)] is a parody of
"Strawberry Fields Forever" and "I Am the Walrus", or is a style-parody of many
middle-to-late-period Beatles songs [duke it out amongst yourselves :-)].
Beuna Vista CD-017

"Everybody's Making It Big But Me" by Doctor Hook mentions Elvis, Dylan,
Mick Jagger, The Beatles and just about everyone else.

"Evil Woman" by ELO:
"There's a hole in my head where the rain comes in..."

"Fatal Distractions" - see Capitol Steps above

"Fools On the Hill" - see Capitol Steps above

"The French Lesson" by Sandler and Young from _In Person_ is based on the
French version of "Mr. Bass Man": "When the Beatles sing, on every record
you'll always hear 'yeah yeah yeah'...". Other "yeah yeah yeah"'s occur later
in the song.

"From Me to You" by Mae West from:
        _Mae in December_ AEI LP # AEI 2104
        _Wild Christmas_ Dagonet LP # DG-4
(same album with different titles and track orders)

"Garden Party" by Rick Nelson:
"Yoko brought her walrus, there was magic in the air."

"Girl at the Window" by the Idle Race (Jeff Lynne):

        "John and Paul and Ringo and George
        were playing lovely tunes
        from the window of her room
        by the light of the moon..."

"Give Booze a Chance" - see "Sofa Head" below

"Give Peaks a Chance" is about the TV series "Twin Peaks". (artist unknown)

"Give Peas a Chance" (artist unknown)

"God II" by U2 from _Rattle and Hum_
a few sample lines:

     I don't believe the devil

     Don't believe in Goldman,
     His type like a curse
     Instant Karma's gonna get him, if I don't get him first
     I don't believe that rock-and-roll
     Can really change the world
     As it spins in revolutions, spirals and turns

     I...I believe in love...

[The song is dedicated to Lennon.]

_Golden Throats: The Great Celebrity Sing-Off!_ has a truly awful rendition
of "Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds" by William Shatner(!), originally from
his _Transformed Man_ LP. Mae West does "Twist and Shout" on this album (cover
of a cover).
Rhino CD # R2 70187

_Golden Throats 2: More Celebrity Rock Oddities!_ has Bing Crosby's version
of "Hey Jude", and "Give Peace a Chance" by Mitch Miller & The Gang.
Mitch: "Hassle the man! Hassle the Congress!"
Rhino CD # R2 71007

"Gonna Send 'em Home" by Homer & Jethro:
        The first time I saw the four Beatles
        They were singing on the video tape
        Old Jack Paar said "Here they are."
        And the whole wide world went ape.
        Gonna send 'em home...

In the sixties there was a band in Israel that would take Beatles songs and put
Hebrew lyrics onto them - usually completely changing the point, but in very
Beatles style. For example:

        "From Me to You"

        If there's anything that you want
        Lama at lo yotzeit iti?
        Why won't you go out with me?

        If there's anything I can do
        Mah at ratza achrel hahu
        Why do you run after him?


The band was called Hagashash Ha'Chiver, I think.

"A Hard Day's Night" by Mrs. Miller

"A Hard Day's Night" by Peter Sellers - see _The Songs of Peter Sellers_ below

_A Hard Day's Night_ (big red letters)
"Starring The Manchesters" (small print)

This is another "Let's rip off some unsuspecting kids before this Beatlemania
thing dies" album. The cover has a drawing of four Beatles haircuts. That's
right, just the hair. It includes reasonable imitations of:

                A Hard Day's Night
                Please Please Me
                I Want To Hold Your Hand
                She Loves You
                My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

Diplomat LP # D2335  "A product of Synthetic Plastics Co."
(as always, no copyright date)

"Hay Chewed" by Elton John from _Empty Sky_ ... complete with "Na-na-na" ending.

"Help" by Peter Sellers - see _The Songs of Peter Sellers_ below

"Here We Go" by C&C Music Factory mentions the Beatles and the Jackson 5.

"Hey Food" by the Sesame Street Beatles from _Born to Add_is a reworded
"Hey Jude" sung by Cookie Monster. ATV sued the record company for copyright

"Hey Jude" by Bing Crosby - see Golden Throats above

"Hey Jude" by that other Elvis (Presley, that is). No, not just 'cuz it's easy
to pick on the Pretender To The Throne, but because Taxman inflicts it on his
(probably ex-) friends as part of something he calls "Nightmares On Tape".

"Hringur og Bitlagaeslumennirnir" (i.e. Ring(o) and the Beatle caretakers)
(artist unknown) begins something like this:

        Hringur, vid hvern sinn fingur
        leikur og syngur, af lifi og sal.
        Hann olli, tol'verdum hrolli,
        lifrar-i-polli, hann tendradi bal.
        Hann lamdi thett a ludvikinn...
        med adstod vina sinna.

in other words:

        Ringo, to every finger
        plays and sings, of life and soul
        He caused, a bit of gooseflesh
        Liver-in-pool , he lit a fire.
        He hit hard on his Ludwig...
        with help from his friends.

"I Am the Walrus" by Men Without Hats

"I Could Eat Eggrolls Forever" by Ed [not Led, not Dred] Zeppelin from _The
Loop. Family Album_:

        Let me take you down
        'Cause I'm going to the Ho Cow Cafe
        I could eat eggrolls forever
        Eating is easy with eyes closed
        Open up your mouth and wrench it in
        I am the Walrus
        coo-coo ca choo
        number nine, number nine, one one, nine, one one, nine, one one

a benefit compilation album put out by Chicago radio station WLUP, "The Loop."

"I Dig Rock & Roll Music" by Peter, Paul and Mary:

        And when the Beatles tell you
        Because they would love to tell you
        They mean exactly what they say.

The second line has also been quoted as
        "There's something they'd love to sell you"
    and "They have a word - LOVE - to sell you".
Does anyone have the published lyrics?

45 # 7067 and _Album 1700_ LP #1700 - both 1967 from Warner Bros.

"I Do The Rock" by Tim Curry:

        John and Yoko farming beef
        Raising protein quota
        Sometimes they make love and art
        Inside the Dakota

These lines were not included in the updated version of the song that Curry
performed on "The Tracy Ullman (sp?) Show" in the late 80's.

available on _The Best of Tim Curry_ 1989 A&M CD # CD5269 and (I think)
the 1978 A&M LP _Read My Lips_.

"I Feel Like Buddy Holly" by Alvin Stardust:

        Well, I feel like Buddy Holly
        'Cause it's raining in my heart
        All the sad songs take me back to you
        Now that we are apart
        Now I know how Paul McCartney felt
        When he got up to say
        "I wish it was yesterday."

There are also references to Elvis, Roy Orbison and Paul Simon.

"If You Want It, I Can Get It For You Wholesale" by Lazlo and Gary satirizes
"Come and Get It" by Badfinger (written, produced and arranged by Paul).

"I Got High a Couple of Times With My Friends" - see Capitol Steps above

"I Hate The Beatles" - see "Pop Hates The Beatles" below

"I'm the Meany" by Wild Man Fischer
Mr. Fischer's favorite film was "Yellow Submarine". Unfortunately, this led
him to write and (sort of) sing: "I'm the Meany / I'm the Meany / I'm evil and
wicked and stingy." (That's pronounced as in biting, not as is in tightfisted.)
Very, very odd. available on _BEATLESONGS_ (q.v.)

"The Invasion" by Buchana and Greenfield is a "break-in" record with a
description of the Beatles' arrival in the U.S. intercut with bits of
top-40 songs.  available on _BEATLESONGS_ (q.v.)

"I Remember You" by Mike Nesmith talks about John and the Beatles.

"I Saw it on TV" by John Fogerty:
"Cause four guys from England took us all by the hand..."

"I've Seen All Good People
        a)Your Move
        b)All Good People"  by Yes:
The background singers are chanting "All we are saying / Is 'give peace a
chance'." This is in the "Your Move" section.
This is true of the live version from _Yessongs_, but maybe not on the studio
version. [I double-checked the title on this song myself, so please stop
your bickering. :-)]

"I Wanna Be a Beatle" by Gene Cornish & The Unbeetables - 1964 Dawn 45 # 551

"I Want to Bite Your Hand" by Gene Moss is Dracula singing to the tune of "I
Want to Hold Your Hand".
45 # 8438 and _Dracula's Greatest Hits_ LP # 2977 - both 1964 from RCA

"I Will" by Tim Curry (of Rocky Horror Picture Show fame) is a calypso version.
available on _Read My Lips_ 1978 LP # SP 4717 and _The Best of Tim Curry_
1989 CD # CD5269 - both from A&M Records.

"John Lennon" by The Outfield from _Diamond Days_ makes many references
to Lennon songs.

"John Lennon (Never Had a Day Job)" by The Strange Loves

"John You Went Too Far This Time" by Sissy Spacek(!), using the name Rainbo,
is about the _Two Virgins_ album cover.   1969 Roulette 45 # 7030

"Just Like Me" by Paul Revere and the Raiders: "Love me do - and I'll be true"

"Keep It Warm" from _Moving Targets_ by Flo & Eddie:

        And George is suing Paul suing Ringo
        And immigration wants John and Yoko
        All they need is love
        To keep it warm

Also, the "All You Need is Love" riff is dropped in.

"Land of Confusion" by Genesis has a picture sleeve that is a parody of the
_With the Beatles_ album cover.

"The Late Great Johnny Ace" by Paul Simon from _Hearts and Bones_ is
about John Lennon, and a singer named Johnny Ace:

        The year was 1954
        ...Johnny Ace is dead
        It was the year of the Beatles
        It was the year of the Stones
        It was 1964
        I was walking through the Christmas tide
        When a stranger came up and asked me
        If I'd heard John Lennon had died

1983 Warner Bros. CD # 9  23942-2

"Leprosy" by Jasper Carrot is to the tune of "Yesterday":
"Leprosy - I'm not half the man I used to be."

"Let It Be" by Chevy Chase from _Chevy Chase_ is done in Chipmunks-type
Arista #AL 9519

"Let It Be" by Rouvaun - "religious in the style of a lounge singer"
I just qoute 'em; I don't explain 'em.

"Letter B" by the Sesame Street Beatles from _Born to Add_ is a reworded
"Let it Be". It was performed on the TV show by four purple beetle muppets.
ATV sued the record company for copyright infringement.

"Letter From Elaina" by Casey Kasem. Casey reads the letter, from a fan
who ambushed George for a hug.
1964 Warner Bros. 45 # 5475 - also available on _BEATLESONGS_ (q.v.)

"Letter to The Beatles" by The Four Preps satirizes the fab marketing of
the gear Beatles. It's right on the money. :-)
1964 Capitol 45 # 5143 - also available on _BEATLESONGS_ (q.v.)

"Let There Be More Light" from _A Saucerful Of Secrets_ by Pink Floyd:
They clearly sing " Lucy In The Skyyyyy!".

"Life In A Northern Town" from _Dream Academy_ by Dream Academy (1983? 84?
                                                                 86? 87?):
     He said "In winter 1963
     It felt like the world would freeze
     With John F. Kennedy
     And The Beatles."

     (ghostly echo of crazed teenage screaming...)

"Liverpool Bound" by Vito and the Salutations:

        She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah,
        She loves you, no, no, no!
        We're packing our bags,
        And leaving for England,
        'Cause those Beatles got it all over here.
        We're packing our bags,
        And leaving for England,
        We'll make it big over there...

1964 Wells 45 # 1008

"London Calling" by The Clash:
"All that phony Beatlemania has bitten the dust."

"Louisiana Hookers With Herpes" by Frank Zappa, to the tune of "Lucy In the
Sky With Diamonds" (Have heard this is true; have never heard it.)

"L.S. Bumble Bee" by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore is an ode to a psychedelic
bee, Broadway musical style. Not, as sometimes rumored, an unreleased Beatles
song. It was released just before SPLHCB, and was identified by some DJ's as
an advance track from the album. Moore was satirizing the music of the Beach
Boys as well as the Lucy...Sky...Diamonds = LSD furor.
available on _BEATLESONGS_ (q.v.)

"Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds" by William Shatner. see Golden Throats above.

"The Man Who Never Died" by Elton John is an instrumental tribute to John.
[Am I the only one who finds this an odd concept?]
It is one of the CD singles that feature "The Last Song".  In the US it was
the B-side of "Wrap Her Up", in the UK the B-side of "Nikita".

"Maxwell's Silver Stammer" - see Capitol Steps above

"Medley: Sometimes I'm Happy / I May Be Wrong / When I'm 64 / It's a Wonderful
World" is from _Side by Side_ by Carrol O'Connor and Jean Stapleton as Archie
and Edith Bunker.    RCA LP # APL1-0102

"Michelle" by Xaviera Hollender (sp?)

"Money For Nothing" by Dire Straits:
"Maybe get a blister on your finger, maybe get a blister on your thumb"
[Winner: "Yoko Ono Walking On Thin Ice Award]

Monty Python - see "A Background to History" above

"Mrs. Robinson" by Simon and Garfunkel from _Bookends_ and the movie soundtrack
_The Graduate_. Many people have said that "coo coo ca-choo" is the same as
"GOO GOO GOO JOOB" from "I am the Walrus". Goo preceded coo by one year, but
I'm *very* skeptical about the connection. Any evidence pro or con, folks?

"Much Too Late to Get Fries" (? "It's Not Too Late to Get Fries"?) by Wally
Winger is a satire of Julian Lennon's "Too Late For Goodbyes".

"My Boyfriend Got a Beatle Haircut" by Donna Lynn: "Now I can't chase the
girls away."
45 # 5127 and _Java Jones / My Boyfriend Got a Beatle Haircut_ LP # 2085 - both
1964 from Capitol - also available on _BEATLESONGS_ (q.v.)

"My Second to Last Will and Testament" by Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine
from _30 Something_ is partially sung to the tune of "Lucy in the Sky With

        This is my second to last will and testament
        Only a rough draft, a handwritten estimate
        Left on a shelf never signed or delivered
        With a picture of myself on a boat by the river

"The Other Ringo" by Don Bowman

"Negligee" to the tune of "Yesterday"

I look stupid in this negligee
'Cause my butt sticks out this funny way --
Oh, why'd I buy this negligee?

I am twice the girl I used to be;
Flab is hanging out all over me --
This negligee's a travesty.

Why it doesn't fit I don't know, I couldn't say;
I did something wrong when I bought this negligee.

I would like to take it back today,
But I threw the darn sales slip away --
I'll have to keep this negligee.
Hmm mm mm mm oo oo oooooo.

Written by Marty Hale-Evans and Melinda Hale.
(This has not yet been submitted to Dr. Demento's show. If you like to
encourage this type of activity, you could nag them at

"Never Been to Spain" by Three Dog Night:
"Well I've never been to England / But I kinda like the Beatles"

"1977" by the Clash:
 ...something like "No Elvis, no Beatles, no Rolling Stones - it's 1977"

"No More Beatlemania!!!!!" by 1/2 Japanese

"Not John" by Loudan Wainwright III from _I'm Alright_ (1985) is about Lennon's

"A Noun is a Person, Place or Thing" was part of a series of 2 to 3 minute
educational cartoons shown on ABC TV.

        I put a dime in the drugstore record machine
        The Beatles and the Monkees were going like this
        Well every person you can know
        The Beatles and the Monkees, Chubby Checker
        You know they're nouns

"Nowhere Man" by Tiny Tim is available on:

        _The Beatles Sixth Christmas Record - Christmas 1968_
        LYN 11743/4 (fan club flexi-disc single)

        _From Them to You - The Beatles Christmas Record 1970_
        Apple LYN2154  (fan club LP - UK version)

        _The Beatles Christmas Album_
        Apple SBC100   (US version - same songs, different cover)

"Obese Man" is to the tune of "Nowhere Man"

_Off-White Album_ by Dennis Miller

"101 Dalmatians" (by Scarlet Party?) contains several lines borrowed
from various Beatles and Lennon songs. For example:
        "... everyone's free,
        and nothing to kill or die for."

"The Other Side of Summer" by Elvis Costello from _Mighty Like a Rose_:
"Was it a millionaire who said 'imagine no possessions'?"  [Ouch!]
Warner Bros. CD # 9  26575-2

"Paul McCartney Massacre" by The Swinging Erudites from _Unchained Parodies_
has several Beatles satires:

        "Silly Paul McCartney" to the tune of "Silly Love Songs"
        "Stupid People Living in the Past" (Sgt. Pepper)
        "Yesterday Pts 1 and 2"
        "Robert Plant Serenade" (Beatles connection???)
        "80's New Wave Anthem"  (Beatles connection???)
        "Losers in the Studio and Dying" ("Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds")

"Please Please Me" by Barnes and Barnes is talked/sung in typical B&B odd
voices with electronic accompaniment.

"Poem 58" from Chicago Transit Authority's self-titled album contains exact
citation from "I Am The Walrus".

"Polkas on 45" by Weird Al Yankovic, contains a fragment of "Hey, Jude."

"Pop Hates The Beatles" by Alan Sherman is about the British Invasion from
a father's point of view, to the tune of "Pop Goes the Weasel". This song is
typical Sherman: "If this is what the British desire / God save the Queen".

1964 Warner Bros. 45 # 5490 (here called "I Hate The Beatles")
  "    "     "    LP # W1569 _For Swingin' Livers Only_ (mono)
  "    "     "    "    WS1569  "     "       "      "   (stereo)

also available on his Greatest Hits album and _BEATLESONGS_ (q.v.)

"The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking" by Roger Waters mentions Yoko Ono.

"Purple Aeroplane" by Spike Milligan is a take-off on "Yellow Submarine".

"Rain" by Bongwater - "very strange version"

"Randy Scouse Git" from _Headquarters_ by the Monkees:
"The four kings of EMI are sitting stately on the floor."

"Rest In Peace" by Extreme:
"Someone said 'Give peace a chance', and that was all that was said"

"Rhythm of the Rain" by Dan Fogelberg includes a line from "Rain" at the

"Ringo" by Lorne Greene is about a gunfighter, not Mr. Starr.

"Ringo Bells" by Three Blonde Mice - Atco 45-6324

"Ringo Deer" by Garry Ferrier is a Christmas song, about the lead reindeer
having a big nose 'a la Ringo Starr. (Is this the same song the Fabs sang as
"Rudolph the Red Nosed Ringo" on _The Beatles Christmas Record_ of 1963?)
1964 Academy 45 # 112

"Ringo I Love You" is by Cher(!), using the name Bonnie Jo Mason.
1964 Annette 45 # 1000

"Ringo ja Aku" (Ringo and Aku) by Aku Syrja. This 1980 solo single by the
drummer of the Finnish band Eppu Normaali (Abe Normal) takes some shots at
Ringo which roughly translate as:

        Surely this Ringo Starr made trouser legs flutter
        But The Beatles quit in '69
        And after that he hasn't been the same
        He has run out of the "yeah-yeah-yeah"s
        He's stayed in Monaco, so I can play now
        Ringo did it yesterday
        Today Aku's doing it

Then in English, to the appropriate tune:

        Oh yeah, oh right
        Are you gonna be in my dreams tonight

Then Aku starts his drum solo by quoting Ringo, but moves on to his own stuff.

"Rocket" by Def Leppard mentions "Sgt. Pepper and the band".

"R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A." by John Cougar Mellencamp from _Scarecrow_ mentions
the Beatles.  1985 Polygram CD # 824 865-2 M-1

The Rutles

Hands down the most prefab group ever. More like the Beatles than the
Beatles were. Both the movie and the album are the best parodies of our
boys ever done. The movie is a documentary of the Rutles' career. The
album contains songs from various stages in the band's development. The songs
were written by Neil Innes. The movie (originally a TV special) was produced
by George Harrison, who also has a cameo.

CD tracks:      Goose Step Mama         It's Looking Good
                Number One              Doubleback Alley
                Baby Let Me Be          Good Times Roll
                Hold My Hand            Nevertheless
                Blue Suede Schubert     Love Life
                I Must Be in Love       Piggy in the Middle
                With a Girl Like You    Another Day
                Between Us              Cheese and Onions
                Living in Hope          Get Up and Go
                Ouch!                   Let's Be Natural

The LP has only 14 tracks, but has a much better booklet than the CD.

The EP has 5 tracks and is on yellow vinyl.

There is some debate as to which Beatles songs are being parodied by which
Rutles songs, and some are more style parodies than take-offs of a particular
song. Here are some suggestions which have been made:

Another Day = Eleanor Rigby
            = Martha My Dear

Baby Let Me Be = There's A Place

Between Us = And I Love Her
           = It's Only Love

Blue Suede Schubert = Boys
                    = Roll Over Beethoven

Cheese and Onions = A Day in the Life
                  = Glass Onion
                  = Hey Bulldog
                  = Imagine

Doubleback Alley = Penny Lane

Get Up and Go = Get Back

Good Times Roll = Getting Better
                = Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Goose Step Mama = Some Other Guy

Hold My Hand = All My Loving
             = Eight Days a Week
             = I Want to Hold Your Hand
             = Please Please Me
             = She Loves You

I Must Be In Love = Boys
                  = Can't Buy Me Love
                  = She Loves You
                  = Ticket to Ride
                  = What Goes On

It's Looking Good = Gettin Better
                  = I Don't Want to Spoil the Party
                  = I Feel Fine
                  = If I Needed Someone
                  = I'm Happy Just to Dance With You
                  = I'm Looking Through You

Let's Be Natural = Across the Universe
                 = Because
                 = Dear Prudence
                 = Mother Nature's Son

Living in Hope = Act Naturally
               = Don't Pass Me By
               = Honey Don't
               = Octopus's Garden
               = What Goes On?

Love Life = All You Need is Love

Nevertheless = Love You To
             = Within You, Without You

Number One = Twist and Shout

Ouch! = Help!

Piggy in the Middle = I am the Walrus

With a Girl Like You = If I Fell

Thanks to Jonathan Morris for compiling the Rutles/Beatles song comparisons.

album:  _The Rutles_ 1990 Rhino CD # R2 75760
                     1978 Warner Bros. LP # 3151
                      "     "      "   EP # E723

single: I Must Be in Love/Doubleback Alley - 1978 Warner Bros. 45 # 8560

movie:  "The Rutles" aka "The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash"
        1978 Broadway Video / Pacific Arts Video Records, Pacific Arts
        Building, Carmel CA 93923
        widely available for around US$15

The depths of Beatles-related obscurity: _Rutles Highway Revisited_ is
a Rutles tribute album. Yes, *other* groups doing songs by the Rutles.
Really. No kidding. Would I lie?
Shimmy Disc CD # SDE 9028/CD

"Saint Paul" by Shane was a 1969 hit in New Zealand. It has some riffs from
"Hey Jude", plus a few snippets from other Beatles songs. It's about how
musicians (Paul, et al.) changed (or thought they could change) the world.

"Sally Sails the Sky" by Ian Whitcomb: "Then Elvis Saint Pepper, the rock 'n'
roll star / stopped in our town in his fiberglass car."

In a sketch on the TV show "Saturday Night", Eddie Murphy plays "Clarence",
who, on a TV show called "Rock & Roll and Then Some", claims to have invented
the Beatles (originally "the Clarences"), written all the songs, played saxo-
phone in the band, etc. and was demanding $7,200 in restitution. As proof, he
plays a taped medley of "I Want to Hold Your Hand / Love Me Do" overdubbed with
sax and [Clarence's vocals]:

        I [man] tell ya somethin' [man], I think you'll understand...
        Love, love me do [(spoken over the song) My darlin', I would truly
        love you to love me do, and I will always always be true, if you would
        just give your love to me and always remember to me do...'re so me do]

Then, for the smoking gun, he plays the tape backwards and we hear John saying,
"Hey, Paul! Let's get rid of Clarence and steal all his good ideas."

"The Seeker" by The Who: "I asked Bobby Dylan, I asked the Beatles, I
asked Timothy Leary, but he couldn't help me either."

***** Sgt. Pepper wing ******************************************************

The soundtrack album of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" is a treasure
trove of godawful performances of Beatles songs. (The movie is even worse.)
1978 RSO LP # RS-2-4100

Abbey Road 78, "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band."  Songs from the movie
but worse; fortunately only half as long.
Springboard SPB-4111

Bill Cosby did an awful version of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" on
_Bill Cosby Sings Hooray for the Salvation Army Band!_
Warner Bros. LP # W1728 (mono)    WS1728 (stereo)

_Sgt. Pepper's_ by Big Daddy is the entire SPLHCB album in various 1950's
Rhino CD # R2 70371

"Summer Rain" by Johnny Rivers:
"...And the jukebox kept on playin' 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band'"

The Mothers of Invention's _We're Only in it for the Money_ is a full album
spoof of SPLHCB , complete with cutouts, and Frank Zappa with his back to
the camera to indicate his recent death.
Verve V6-5045X

[also see _Alvin All-star Chipmunk Band_ above]


"Shangri-La" by ELO from _A New World Record_ (1975) has:
"My Shangri-La has gone away, fading like the Beatles on "Hey Jude."

"Sheer Heart Attack" by Queen from _News of the World_:
"Well you're just seventeen...and you know what I mean."
Also, "news of the world" is a line from "Polythene Pam", but I'm guessing the
album was named after the British tabloid newspaper, not after "Polythene Pam".
After all, the line in "...Pam" is also referring to the paper.

"She Loves You" by Peter Sellers - see _The Songs of Peter Sellers_ below

"Shooting Star" by Bad Company:
"Johnny was a school boy when he heard his first Beatles song.
`Love Me Do' I think it was, and from then it didn't take him long."

"A Simple Desultory Philippic (Or How I Was Robert McNamara'd Into
Submission)" by Simon and Garfunkel:
"I've been Rolling Stoned and Beatled 'til I'm blind."

"Simple Song By Paul MacHearthrob" by HeeBeeGeeBees from _439 of
HeeBeeGeeBeees Greatest Hits_

"Smell the Glove" is a fictitious album from the movie _This is Spinal Tap_.
It has an all-black cover and goes the white album one better by not even
having the title or the name of the group on the cover. (also see _Spinal
Tap_ below)

"Sofa Head" by The Bonzo Dog Doo Da Band from _Peel Sessions_ has "give booze
a chance".  Strange Fruit CD # DEI8326-2

"Sokrates" - see "Thu og their" below

"Something" by Rouvaun - "religious in th style of a lounge singer"

_The Songs of Peter Sellers_, a compilation album, has:

        "A Hard Day's Night" - Peter sings as Richard III
        "Help" - as a vicar and choir
        "She Loves You" - as Dr. Strangelove
        "She Loves You" - with Cockney accent

1983 EMI/Music for Pleasure Limited LP # 41 5640 1
[This album does not have "Can't Buy Me Love" (qv)]

"A Hard Day's Night" / "Help"  1966 Capitol 45 # 5580

_Spinal Tap_ by Spinal Tap ("The original soundtrack recording from the
motion picture 'This is Spinal Tap'") has, naturally, an all-black cover.
(also see _Smell the Glove_)
1984 Polygram CD # 817 846-2

_Stars On_ by Stars On Long Play: Side one is disco versions of 29 Beatles
songs in succession.
Radio Records # RR16044

"Story of Bo Diddley" by Eric Burdon includes part of the lyrics of "A Hard
Day's Night".

"Sweet Soul Dream" by World Party: "I got rare '61 Beatles"

Tater Totz - see _Alien Sleestacks from Brazil_ above

There's a group called the Tape-beatles who have a CD out called _Music
With Sound_.  It's best described as "found music", being comprised of
broadcast audio from newscasts, info-mercials, commercials, and TV shows,
as well as snippets of songs by the Beatles themselves.  (The melody of
one song is a re-worked "Eleanor Rigby", and later, for a few seconds one
can hear the opening crow and music to "Good Morning Good Morning", which is
then immediately "rewound" to play backwards [hm, kind of like Lennon would
do himself].)

for more information:

The Tape-beatles
PO Box 8907
Iowa City, Iowa 55245 USA

"Texas Motel" by Frank Zappa to the tune of "Norwegian Wood" (have heard
this is true, have never heard it)

"Thanks John" by the Flamin' Groovies from _Rock Juice_ is a Lennon tribute with
lyrics mainly drawn from the titles of John's Beatles songs
National CD # NAT 030-2

"This is Spinal Tap" - see _Spinal Tap_ above

"This Song is Just Six Words Long" by Weird Al Yankovic to the tune of
"Got My Mind Set On You" is on _Even Worse_.
Very funny, even to us Harrison fans. Besides, George didn't write this one. :-)
CBS / Rock 'n' Roll cassette # FZT 44149

"Thu og their" (You and Them) by Sverrir Stormsker (from the '88 or '89
Eurovision Song Contest) has:

        og Mendelsohn
        og Paul og John
        og John Paul Sigmarsson

in other words:

        I sing about Columbus
        and Solon Islandus              [Icelandic peculiarman]
        and Mendelsohn
        and Paul and John
        and John Paul Sigmarsson        [the world's strongest man]


"Ticket to Ride" by New Seekers is intermixed with "Georgy Girl" - very strange

"Titles" by Barclay James Harvest consists solely of Beatles titles.

"Twist and Shout" by Mae West from _Way Out West_ (OK, it's a cover of a cover.)
Tower LP # ST 5028
[also on  _Golden Throats_ (qv)]

UNIX Man      (tune of "Nowhere Man")

He's a real UNIX Man
Sitting in his UNIX LAN
Making all his UNIX .plans
for nobody

Knows the blocksize from 'du'
Cares not where /dev/null goes to
Isn't he a bit like you
And me?

UNIX Man, don't worry
It's the tube that's blurry
The new kernel boots, just like you had planned

He's as wise as he can be
Programs in lex, yacc and C
UNIX Man, can you help me
At all?

UNIX Man, please listen
My printout is missin'
The wo-o-o-orld is your 'at' command

Written by Brad Morrison? (no reply to confirmation requests)

"We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel:
...Lawrence of Arabia, British Beatlemania...

"We Love You Beatles" by the Carefrees is a takeoff on "We Love You Birdie".
"We love you Beatles / Oh yes, we do...."
1964 London International 45 # 10614
_From England! The Carefrees_ 1964 London LP # 3379
also available on _BEATLESONGS_ (q.v.)

"We Love You Beatles" by the Trixies (same song as above?)
1964 Twinhit 45 # 5059

_We're Only in it for the Money_ (see at SPLHCB above)

"What Can An Old Fart Do" by Spitting Image features sections 'sung' by the
Rolling Stones, The Who and Paul McCartney.
Paul's part includes: "I worked with Elvis Costello / Whoever the hell he is..."

"When I'm Sixty-five" by Spitting Image is a parody song about the paucity
of Social Security benefits.
"Nobody cares if you're dead or alive / When you're sixty-five"

"When I'm Sixty-four" by Archie and Edith Bunker - see "Medley..." above

"When I'm Sixty-two/COLA" - see Capitol Steps above

"Where Have All the Good Times Gone?" by the Kinks has something like:

     Yesterday  love
     was such an easy game for you to play
     but now let's face it
     things are so much easier today
     let it be like yesterday...

This is horribly paraphrased, but it came out in 1966 or so, and makes
references to other current songs (including their own).

"White Lightning" by John Waite includes part of the lyrics of "Lucy in the
Sky with Diamonds".

_The Whitey Album_ by Ciccone Youth (aka Sonic Youth)

_With the Roogalator_ by Roogalator is an EP from around 1975. The cover is a
defaced (graffitied up) version of the the actual album cover of _With the
Beatles_. This was done by Stiff Records without the permission of Apple / EMI
and the record had to be withdrawn.

"The World is Mine" by Wally Winger and the Amazing Skippy (as Gorbachev and
Reagan) is a satire of "The Girl is Mine", written by Michael Jackson and
recorded with Paul.

Write in C   (tune of "Let It Be")

When I find myself in tons of trouble,
Friends and colleagues come to me,
Speaking words of wisdom:
"Write in C."

As the deadline fast approaches,
And bugs are all that I can see,
Somewhere, someone whispers:
"Write in C."

Write in C, write in C,
Wtite in C, oh, write in C.
LOGO's dead and buried,
Write in C.

I used to write a lot of FORTRAN,
For science it worked flawlessly.
Try using it for graphics!
Write in C.

If you've just spent nearly 30 hours
Debugging some assembly,
Soon you will be glad to
Write in C.

Write in C, write in C,
Write in C, yeah, write in C.
Only wimps use basic.
Write in C.

Write in C, write in C,
Write in C, oh, write in C.
Pascal won't quite cut it.
Write in C.

Write in C, write in C,
Write in C, yeah, write in C.
Don't even mention COBOL.
Write in C.


_Yellow Album_ by The Simpsons

"Yellow Submarine" by Mrs. Miller

"Yesterday" by Liberace - nuff said.

Mark Russell did a song about the Congressional pay raise to the tune of
"Yesterday". I have this nagging feeling he also used the tune of
"Eleanor Rigby" sometime.

Harry Nilsson's version of "You Can't Do That" includes lots of snippets of
various other Beatles songs, and ends with "lovely Beatles forever" spoken/sung
to (kind of) the tune of Strawberry Fields Forever.
1967 RCA 45 # 9298
_Pandemonium Shadow Show_ - 1967 RCA LP # 3874 (apparently the album which
triggered the Lennon/Nilsson mutual admiration society)

"Young Americans" by David Bowie:
Background singers: "I read the news today, Oh boy"

"You're in a Bad Way" by The Happenings
"...water's coming down like pins and needles
stereo is blasting through your pad - probably the Beatles..."

"Your Move" [see "I've Seen All Good People" above.]




I have heard there is a (disco?) song (by Deborah Harry?) with lyrics
something like:
        From Becky to Bebe to Billy to Boz
        You've got more power than the wizard of Oz
        You got the Beatles, got the Band, got the Rolling Stones
        You never have to be alone


An R&B band (on Motown?) had as their debut album cover a clone of the _Meet
the Beatles_ covers, both front and back with members of that band in place
of the Beatles.


There is an album by a 5 or 6 member black group with a cover that is a parody
of _With the Beatles_.


Does anyone know the titles of two songs based on "Lady Madonna" that have been
played on _The Doctor Demento Show_?


The Residents had an album cover that parodied _With the Beatles_.


As part of Weird Al Yankovic's food medley, he has "chicken pot pie" instead of
"Live and Let Die". What is the title of this medley?

Thanks to all who contributed. They provided at least 95% of the information.

Bill Gasarch

Steve Adelson

Timo Ahonen

Dennis Alstrand

Chuck Anderson


Pushpak Bapat

Charles Board

Jim Bohy

Joe Brennan for source material

Michael Brown

Laurie Beth Brunner

Chris Brunsdon

Ed Bucholtz

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edward s. chen

Ross Clement

Maurizio Codogno

David Cooke

Joe D.

Gina Mai Denn


Roger Donahue

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Infinite K


Timothy Jehl

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Kristjan Gaukur Kristjansson

Rich Kulawiec

Matt Landrum

Charles Lavazzii

Dave LeCompte

Scot Leibacher


Brian Leibowitz


William Lewis

Lisa the wonder frod

David Lloyd

Fred Lukoff

Bradley S. Lyle

The Machman

Paul Maclauchlan

The Mad Maidenn

The Maven

John McCluer

Joe McCombs

K. J. McRae

Melancholy Man

Frans Meulenbroeks

Doug Mitchell

Dennis Montgomery

Jeff Morris

** Jonathan Morris **

Brad Morrison

Stephanie Nahas

Gabe Nahigian

David Edward Nangle

New Wave Dave

Nowhere Man

Greg O'Rear

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"THE LIVERPOOL MOPTOPS - these four young men, who with a group of excellent
musicians, have adopted the style of BEATLING, the hottest craze in show
business on either side of the Atlantic."
                                      from the liner notes to _Beattle Mash_

"At last! A game that and can play
                                      --Weird Al Yankovic & Ringo Starr

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