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This list comprises Beatles-related publications, first by author
name, then by title. Entries are in the following format:

- Author or editor (if any)
- Date (if known; last two digits give year)
- Brief description of subject matter.

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BTW, this list, despite its name, cannot possibly hold all books and
articles published on the Beatles. A complete bibliography would be
quite beyond our scope. We'll leave that to scholars....
Illustrations from the Beatlefest home page, where most of these books are available for sale.
Please note: books with general editors are listed first, then actual
authors. Happy reading!
ed. Bill Adler
Love Letters to The Beatles
The title tells it all. Assuming (?) these are genuine
it tells how the Boys broke hearts across the length and
breadth of the USA throughout 1964.

ed. Roger Akehurst
Beatles Now
Attempt by real fans to produce a magazine in the format
of The Beatles Monthly, but avoiding being so bland.
Finances make it intermittent. Available from 'Beatles Now,
33 The Avenue, Highams Park, London E4 9LB'.

ed. Alan Aldridge
The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics
Much reprinted timecapsule of pschycedelic illustrations
to the lyrics. If the images interest you as much as the
music, then this is for you. (Volume 2 also produced).

ed. Alan Aldridge
The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics : 2
See Volume 1.

ed. Neil Aspinall
The Beatles Get Back
Wonderful photos of what was to become the 'Let It Be'
sessions. This book was originally available with the
album, only in the UK. Definitely worth seeking out.

ed. Johnny Dean
The Beatles Book : The Original Official Monthly Magazine
Still going strong despite a short break.
Essential reading if you want to keep up with news about the
Boys. Available on subscription from 'The Beatles Book,
45 St Mary's Grove, Ealing, London, W5 5RQ'. Usually
totally uncritical, but the column of news makes it

ed. Nicholas Drake
The Sixties : A Decade in Vogue
Vogue magazine has always been noted for the quality of its
photo's. Any collation of its Sixties photo's will
therefore be both excellent and will contain several shots
of the Fabs and their chums. Will not disappoint. Will re-stress
the astonishing changes in style (etc) that took place during
those turbulent years.

ed. J Philip Di Franco
A Hard Day's Night - Pictoral Record of The Movie
A 1977 Penguin strangely only available in the USA that goes
through the entire HDN movie, scene by scene, adding the
script to movie stills. Even includes scenes cut from the
final film. Includes an interesting interview with Richard Lester.

ed. Paul Gambaccini
Paul McCartney in His Own Words
A well illustrated interview-plus with one of the UK's best
rock interviewers (an american). Dated, but that adds to
the interest.

ed. Bill Harry
The Beatles Volume 3 : Paperback Writers - Bibliography
Quite a nice (UK based) nearly authoratiative bibliography
of books on the Fabs. With mini-reviews of most entries.
Bill's (genuine) early association with the Fabs makes this
good value.

ed. Liverpool Echo
Lennon : A Special Tribute by the Liverpool Echo
The leading daily paper from John's home town put together
this reprint of some (of the very many) articles it had
published about him, from the Birth Announcement through to
the very end. Essential.

ed. Andy Peebles
The Lennon Tapes
The transcript of (most of) John's last major radio inter-
view just before his murder. Lucid, sensible, witty....
(The full tapes are now legally available on CD).

ed. Rolling Stone
The Ballad of John and Yoko
Rolling Stone's weighty tribute to the murdered John.
Collected reflections, writings, and criticisms - the
source and the subject make this required reading. Not a
'cash in' project - all profits to a Good Cause.

ed. Andrew Solt and Sam Egan
Imagine : John Lennon
Lavishly produced film tie-in. Excellent photos, well
printed. Because this is an 'official' book, it tends to
the bland, but the range and quality of the photos makes
up for that.

ed. Neville Stannard
The Beatles Volume 2 : Working Class Heroes - Discography
A good complete discography of the Fabs, and after, up to

ed. Elizabeth Thomson and David Gutman
The Lennon Companion : Twenty-Five Years of Comment
The editors aimed 'simply to present the best of 25 years
of comment and commentary engendered by the man and his
music'. They succeeded. An excellent book, and hopefully
a precursor to more that realise that the average Beatles
fan is likely to be more than a pre-pubescent teen-wailer,
and mature - to boot! (See also 'Come Together : Jon

ed. Bill Wyman
Blinds and Shutters : The Photographs of Michael Cooper
Cooper was a good photographer, trusted by The Beatles (and
many others). This book lavishly re-prints some of his
best, with comments by the subjects. Includes out-takes
from the Sgt Pepper cover photo session. Sadly, this is
a hugely expensive very limited edition.

Simply to handle this book is a heart-stopping experience -
and that's before you see the cost! Wonderful.

The Beatles Film
1964 cash-in book of photo's about the making of Hard Day's
Night - seemingly produced by the Sun Newspaper group.

A Pixerama Foldbook of The Beatles
One of a series of 'concertina' like booklets on popular
themes (others include 'London Airport' and 'The Rolling
Stones'). A delightful timepiece, still available from
The Beatles Shop in Mathew Street.

Jeff Augsburger, Marty Eck, & Rick Rann
The Beatles Memorabilia Price Guide 
Inevitably flawed by having the prices frozen at the date
of publication. However the range of memorabilia well
illustrated more than makes up for this. Serious collectors
will be able to normalise prices for their local markets.  Updated
for 1990.  A good book.

David Bacon and Norman Maslov
The Beatles' England 
The Beatles' England
82 Columbus
A delightful tour (with great BW photo's) of spots the
Beatles made famous in London, Liverpool and elsewhere.
Can be used as a guide book for tourists.

Julia Baird (with Geoffrey Giuliano)
John Lennon, My Brother
Although Julia Baird was not really brought in the same
family as her step-brother John, this book has some value.
Reading between the less than critical lines it is just
possible to catch a glimpse of what life really was like
in Liverpool in the 1950's and early 60's. And that makes
it an interesting book.

Glenn A. Baker
The Beatles Down Under : The 1964 Australia & N.Z. Tour
Well researched, extensively illustrated account of The
Beatles 1964 Tour (the one Jimmy Nichol played on). Tells
a tale not often told. First Class.

Tony Barrow
PS We Love You - The Beatles Story 1962-3
1982 cash-in on the 20th Anniversary of the Fab's first
hits in their home land. Tony Barrow's involvement in this
Mirror Group production saves it, and renders it acceptable.

Carol Bedford
Waiting For The Beatles : An Apple Scruff's Story
The first one-third of this book takes a determined reader
to get through. After that the book is a delight (change of
editor?), and becomes a must for anyone wanting to re-
capture the heady days of The Apple Scruffs. Ms Bedford
has an intimate encounter with one of the Fabs! Tastefully

David Bennahum
The Beatles After the Breakup in their own Words
91 - Omnibus Press
A companion piece to the title by Miles.   Some very nice quotes on
both the Beatle and solo years, but the lack of references (each
quote is accompanied only by a name, a year, and occasionally a
month) limits its usefulness.

Ross Benson
Paul McCartney : Behind the Myth
Little sign of original research in this book. The Same Old
Story - rehashed a bit, not a lot of new stuff. (Author
is reportedly gossip columnist on a London tabloid!)

Pete Best (with Patrick Doncaster)
Beatle! : The Pete Best Story
The (let's face it) rather sad tale of someone who very
nearly made it. Good because it is first hand. The only
surprising thing about the book is that Pete took 20 years
to get round to writing it!

John Blake
All You Needed Was Love : The Beatles After The Beatles
A moderately balanced view of the interwoven lives of our
Fab Four from about the time of the Rooftop Concert - right
up until John's murder. An acceptable starting point for
more serious reading.

Tony Bradman
John Lennon
A competent children's book introducing the young reader to
the life and murder of John Lennon.

Michael Braun
Love Me Do : The Beatles Progress
Arguably the first (1964) real attempt to look at the whole
phenomenon and to try to understand it and see why and what
made it all happen.

Fenton Bresler
The Murder of John Lennon
A thorough, but inconclusive and marginally dubious study
made by a leading UK barrister/journalist. Its main merit
is that it might have broken new ground for other

Peter Brown (with Steven Gaines)
The Love You Make
83 Macmillan
A one-sided (to put it mildly) impression by a Beatles'
associate (Brown was originally with Epstein in NEMS),
dealing with the Apple era in particular.

John Burke (from Alun Owen)
A Hard Day's Night
A novelization of the script of the Boy's first Film.
Researchers will delight in the entire Shirt Scene.

Rob Burt and Michael Wells
Rockups : The Beatles Story
The Beatles' story told in 5 pages of witty pop-ups. The
best is the Rooftop Concert, when the book plays 'Hey Jude!'
Every home should have one!

Richard Buskin
Beatle Crazy! : Memories & Memorabilia
Various photos of the group combined with photos of memorabilia, and
reminisces from fans.   Not thought provoking, not essential, but
also not bad value since this book quickly fell to the discount racks.

Colin Campbell and Allan Murphy
Things We Said Today
A scholarly concordance and interpretation of The Beatles'
songs. Unfortunately limited edition so may be difficult
to find. Most interesting are the reproductions of The
Beatles' worksheets for various songs, as they were being
composed. (Reprinted by Pierian Press and sometimes
avaliable from the US Beatlefest people, 1-800-BEATES)

Ed Caraeff
The Beatles Book
85 Ominbus Press
Large format, well presented book from those nice 'Omibus
Press' people. Reasonable collection of photo's, interviews
and introductory texts.

George Carpozi Jr.
John Lennon : Death of a Dream
Instant (1980 copyright) cash-in on the assassination.
It shows.

Roy Carr and Tony Tyler
The Beatles : An Illustrated Record
75  New English Library
Out of date, slightly opinionated, but a very nice book to
browse through.

Harry Castleman & Walter J. Podrazik
All Together Now : The First Complete Beatles Discography
First, probably. Complete, probably not. Never mind, a
praiseworthy effort, breaking ground for others to follow
later, and better. Very American.

Harry Castleman & Walter J. Podrazik
The Beatles Again?
Sequel to their first (All Together Now). Continuing in
the traditions established in the first.

Harry Castleman & Walter J. Podrazik
The End of The Beatles
Sequel to their first (All Together Now) and second (The
Beatles Again?). Continues same style, with complete
indices covering all three volumes. Very handy for
reference of Beatle Songs, John songs, Paul songs, George
songs, Ringo songs, Decca songs, Star Club songs, etc.

Alan Clayson
Call Up The Groups : The Golden Age of British Beat 62-67
Catches the development of British pop at the moment the
Beatles were up and coming, follows the careers of the
well-known and little-known Beat groups of the First Wave

Alan Clayson
The Quiet One : A Life of George Harrison
Quite a well written and researched volume with a below
average number of errors. It tells the story from George's
viewpoint, which gives it a slightly fresher feel than some
of the biographies. In common with the more recent books
the underlying scholarship is improving.

Alan Clayson
Backbeat : Stuart Sutcliffe - The Lost Beatle
Tie in with the film, and sadly not as well written as
Clayson's other books. Fact gets muddled with the film.
But, as a tolerable account of a period and a mystery, it is
a must for all Fab Fans.

Ray Coleman
Brian Epstein : The Man Who Made The Beatles
As would be expected from Ray Coleman (Melody Maker editor
70-81 and a member of the 'inner circle') this well
researched, well written, and detailed biography is both
interesting, but slightly anodyne. Goes better and further
into Brian's life than other accounts.

Ray Coleman
John Ono Lennon 
A two volume set ('John Winston Lennon' accompanies this
volume), and the only biography on the Essential list, based
on its careful scholarly research, first-hand interviews and
documentation, and thoroughness. Coleman edited Melody
Maker and knew Lennon from 1967 onwards. (Coleman's member-
ship of the 'inner circle' of 1960's rock personalities does
render some of his work slightly suspect).
Available in one volume in US.

Ray Coleman
John Winston Lennon
See companion volume 'John Ono Lennon'.

Ray Connolly
Stardust Memories
A compilation of articles previously published in the
Evening Standard.

Great articles, great background to The Sixties. Only does
2 Beatles - Paul & Ringo.

Philip Cowan
Behind The Beatles' Songs
Collected, carefully chosen, Beatle-quotes about each of
their songs. Few surprises.

Arthur Davis
The Beatles : Quote Unquote
94 Paragon
This is nothing if not an honest book. Much of it is
admittedly taken as quotations from other Beatles books.
Certainly not primary, probably not secondary, arguably

Hunter Davis
The Beatles : The Authorized Biography
Out of date but extremely well written, funny, by an exper-
ienced journalist who is also a Beatles fan. The first
major work on The Beatles' early career. To retain its
official approval it had to be somewhat censored because the
families had veto power (John's Aunt Mimi would not allow
Davies to write that John swore as a child). Nevertheless,
much biographical information from this and subsequent
editions has worked its way into other biographies.

Julia Delano
The Beatles Album
A surprisingly good collection of photo's (little text),
spread across the career of the Fabs.

Richard DiLello
The Longest Cocktail Party
DiLello was the Apple 'House Hippy'. An undoubtedly
entertaining read, but no guesses for the sustained
accuracy of the tales.

Malcolm Doney
Lennon and McCartney
The Lennon & McCartney story in 120 pages. If read as a
first introduction to the story of the Fabs, perhaps for a
11/12 year old, then this book is a digestible introduction.
(Was that its aim?)

William J. Dowlding
Useful as a compendium of recording information; it pulls
together basic facts from various sources, and most
interestingly, attempts to assign writing credit based on
a decimal system to either McCartney, Lennon, Harrison,
Starkey, or whomever.

Brian Epstein (with Derek Taylor)
A Cellarful of Noise
Brian, with Derek Taylor, presents his whitewashed, totally
sanitized, vision of life and involvement in the music
business. More useful for an insight into Brian's view of

Mike Evans and Ron Jones
In The Footsteps of The Beatles
Excellent pocket-sized guide to The Beatles' home town,
complete with addresses, photos and maps. No visitor
should be without it.

Mike Evans
The Art of The Beatles
From 4th May to 30th September 1984 the Boy's home town
presented a comprehensive exhibition of fine art (some of
Stuart Sutcliffe's paintings), as well as plastic art
(originals of album cover artwork - including the *other*
Sgt Pepper drumskin!), clippings, and so on -- all involving
the phenomenon of The Beatles.
(An expanded version of the Exhibition Catalogue)

Mike Evans
The Art of The Beatles : Exhibition Catalogue Walker Art Gly
From 4th May to 30th September 1984 the Boy's home town
presented a comprehensive exhibition of fine art (some of
Stuart Sutcliffe's paintings), as well as plastic art
(originals of album cover artwork - including the *other*
Sgt Pepper drumskin!), clippings, and so on -- all involving
the phenomenon of The Beatles.

Mike Evans
Nothing to Get Hung About
A probably mid-70's publication from the City of Liverpool
Public Relations Office. The city was only just waking up
to the potential arising from its four most famous sons.
Short. Worthwhile. (If only because it led on to other

John Lennon : One Day at a Time
Fawcett worked for the Lennon's for the two years 68-70.
An insider's book about an interesting period. Could be
more analytical, and critical. The author's position
saves it.

Barbara Fenick
Collecting The Beatles
A book by a real enthusiast. Before drowning in an
avalanche of faked memorabilia, any serious collector would
be well advised to add this book to their collection.
Stuffed full of excellent photos and reference lists. An
update on the 1982 edition would be most welcome.

Barbara Fenick
Collecting The Beatles Volume 2
Update of the 1982 volume. Just as good.

Paul Flattery
The Illustrated History of Pop
An excellent treatment of 1950's-1960's British Pop. Out of
print since mid-70's, but if you find it (Wise Publishers,
England) you'll learn all about Dickie Valentine, Adam
Faith, Helen Shapiro, Cliff Richards, and all the British
stars whose careers were permanently derailed by the
Fab Four.

Chet Flippo
McCartney : The Biography
A flawed, heavily tabloid flavour of a biography, based on
interviews with people only remotely connected with Macca's

Pete Frame
The Complete Rock Family Trees
Compulsive diagrams showing who formed, left, re-joined
which groups and when. Little on The Beatles, but lots of
essential other information.

Robert Freeman
Beatles Ltd
Large format 1964 official Beatles issue of Robert
Freeman's photos.

Robert Freeman
The Beatles : a private view
Beautifully printed and high priced reproductions of
Freeman's photographs. The same author's Yesterday book is
better value, but if you don't have that and you see this
second hand or remaindered it is worth getting!

Robert Freeman
Yesterday : Photographs of The Beatles
The photographer of the "With The Beatles", "Beatles For
Sale", and "Rubber Soul". Nice stuff.

H V Fulpen
The Beatles : An Illustrated Diary
Derivative. For completists

Geoffrey Giuliano
The Beatles : A Celebration
Glossy coffee table book that is as much about printing some
(excellent) photos of Giuliano's memorabilia collection
as it is about The Beatles. Only buy if remaindered.

Geoffrey Giuliano
Blackbird : The Unauthorised Biography of Paul McCartney
Not a very good book. Much of it seems to have been written
after one interview with Denny Laine's wife.

Geoffrey Giuliano
Dark Horse : The Secret Life of George Harrison
Giuliano spent a lot of time with people peripheral to
George and has some solid information about George's parents
and childhood, religious involvement, marriages, and
friendships. The musical biography is limited; we never see
what motivates the "inner" George.

Geoffery Guiliano
The Lost Beatles Interviews
Guiliano compiles interviews with peripheral Beatle people such as
Julia Baird and Aunt Mimi with partial transcripts of Beatles
(group + solo) interviews (most released by "Cicadelic" in their
series of interview discs).   Better than most of what Giuliano
has to offer, but not essential.

Geoffrey Giuliano
Tommorow Never Knows : 30 Years of Beatles Music and Memorab
A well printed book with nice photographs of Mr Giuliano's
large memorabilia collection. Text of little value.

John Green
Dakota Days
John Green is a Tarot Card reader. Unsurprisingly this
book is nonsense.

Martin A. Grove
Beatle Madness
Shallow and almost worthless account of The Beatles on
record entirely from the point of view of the US record
buying public.

Bob Gruen, Yoko Ono
Sometime in NEW YORK CITY
This is another of those heartstoppingly beautiful books
from Genesis. Bob Gruen was a friend of the Lennons and
took many of the "famous" images - including the picture
on John's ID card!

This book beautifully presents in wonderful print and
reproductive qualities many of these. Only 3,500 copies
printed, 2,500 autographed by Gruen and Yoko. Costly.

Charles Hamblett
Here Are The Beatles
A swift book, mainly of photos with little text, published
to cash in on the huge popularity of the Boys. As a
timepiece it is invaluable.

George Harrison (with Derek Taylor)
I Me Mine
Once a limited (and very expensive) edition, copies of this
currently out of print book may be found in used book stores
and the like. There are some interesting observations on
songwriting and growing up in Liverpool, but the focus of
this (unique) Beatle autobiography is quite scattered.

George Harrison
Songs By George Harrison
A very expensive collection of Illustrations to accompany the Lyrics of George.
Available only through Genesis publications.    Worth getting for George's
autograph if you have the money to spare.

George Harrison
Live in Japan
A very expensive collection of unseen photographs from George Harrison and
Eric Clapton's brief tour of Japan.  Available only through Genesis
Publications and resellers.    All copies individually signed by Harrison.

Bill Harry
Beatle City
Catalogue for the sadly short lived Beatle City museum
in Liverpool.

Bill Harry
The Beatles Volume 3 : Paperback Writers
The full title continues... The History of The Beatles in
Print. Harry used to produce 'MerseyBeat', the Liverpool
newspaper that was the first to recognize the Boy's talents.
(Bill Harry once shared a flat with Lennon and Sutcliffe,
which of course helped!).

Bill Harry
The Beatles Volume 4 : The History of The Beatles on Film
The passage of time, plus the widespread proliferation of
video since the first publication, means that this otherwise
good book could do with an update.

Bill Harry
The Beatles Volume 5 : Beatles for Sale - Memorabilia Guide
It must be impossible, by definition, to do a definitive
guide to the world of ephemera. Excellent as a snapshot,
useful to collectors for addresses and background reading.

Bill Harry
The Beatles : Who's Who
A useful compendium of who was who in the unfolding story
of The Beatles. Good reference book.

Bill Harry
The Book of Beatle Lists
Once a genuine friend of John and Stu, and once having
shared a flat with them gives Bill Harry an inside track on
first hand information. Mildly interesting.

Will the next book in the series be 'A book of Bill Harry
Beatle Books'?

Bill Harry
MerseyBeat : The Beginnings of The Beatles
Strangely out of print essential reprints of 'everything
of importance on them that Merseybeat ever published'. A
reprint would be welcome - or even a complete re-print of
all 90 issues! Essential reading, especially for believers
in the Raymond Jones Theory.

Bill Harry
The Ultimate Beatles Encyclopedia
Bill Harry's 700+ page compilation of references to people,
places, and things associated with the Fab Four.
The necessary brevity of the average entry makes for
frustration (and some say inaccuracy) at times. A useful
starting point if checking out something, but be prepared
to corroborrate with a second source.

Mark Hertsgaard
 A Day in the Life
Hertsgaard, a New Yorker writer, expanded an earlier magazine article
into this book. It's heavily based upon Lewisohn's own groundbreaking
session investigations, and is somewhat flawed (there are some unfounded
leaps of logic as well as outright mistakes); but Hertsgaard attempts
to produce a readable narrative history of the Beatles' compositional
development. Use with caution.

Al Hine (from Marc Behm)
The Beatles in HELP!
A novelization of the script of the Boy's second Film.

Hands Across The Water : Wings Tour USA
Acceptable large format photo record of Paul's 1976 tour

Dezo Hoffman
The Beatles Conquer America
Hoffman's excellent photo diary of his trip with The Beatles
from Jan 14 to Feb 22 1964. A good photographer, trusted by
the Boys. Very Good

Dezo Hoffman
With The Beatles 
Hoffman was their press photographer in 1962 and 1963, and
has lots of interesting sharp prints. Famous for many
images, especially the "jump" series of photo's on the
"Twist and Shout" EP.

Dezo Hoffmann
John Lennon
Hoffman was the first of the few really good photographers
to be allowed any sort of regular access to The Beatles.
This volume, much of which has been seen before in other
collections, although relatively weak, is still worthwhile.

Kevin Howlett
The Beatles at the BEEB
Deals with The Beatles' BBC (BEEB) radio career during
1962-1965, when The Beatles were often heard on The BBC
(British Broadcasting Corporation).

Kevin Howlett & Mark Lewisohn
In My Life : John Lennon Remembered
The book of the BBC series that marked ten years since
John's murder. Like the radio series, it starts poorly, but
improves. Some interesting text, some interesting photo's.

Ron Jones
The Beatles' Liverpool 
An excellent short book well written by a real fan. A great
guide to the town. Available from the author (who signs
copies he sends out it seems) at 60 Woodside Park, Woodside
Birkenhead, Wirrall, L41 1EH - 4.95 UK Pounds + P&P

Hilary Kay
Rock'n'Roll Collectables
Coffee table sized book that draws on Hilary's position as
THE inventor of the famous Sotheby's memorabilia auctions.
Some excellent photo's - including one of the alternative
Pepper drumskin - described as 'in a private collection'
(Paul has it!) Expensive, but buy if remaindered at about
half price!

Peter Kaye
Beatles in Liverpool
By FAR the best collection of Beatles Liverpool photos. Not
surprising since Peter Kaye was their first studio photo-
grapher. An excellent book, prepared with loving care.
Published by Starlit Liverpool Ltd, 3 Brandreth Delph,
Parbold, Lancs.

L. R. E. King
Help! : A Companion to The Beatles : Recording Sessions
An essential companion volume to Lewisohn's Book. It
indexes takes used by album, and songs by sessions.

Astrid Kirchherr and Max Scheler
Liverpool Days
95 - Genesis Publications
A very nice set of previously unpublished photos of the A Hard Day's Night
era Beatles. Bound in art canvas, with a choice of photos (J,P,G or R)
on the cover. Not as expensive as other books from Genesis, but still
a rather hefty price.

Rochelle Larkin
The Beatles: Yesterday...Today...Tomorrow
An enthusiastic book written by a fan whose enthusiasm
would have benefited from a good editor. A curio.

Sam Leach
The Beatles on Broadway
The title says it all in this 1964 book. Quite a nice
collection of photos of the first US trip.

Sam Leach
Follow The MerseyBeat Road
Sam Leach was on of the original Liverpool Concert Promoters
and this is his guide to places the Boys knew and loved.
Some anecdotes, some details. Read before visting

Spencer Leigh & Peter Frame
Let's Go Down The Cavern - The Story of Liverpool's Merseybe
An EXCELLENT book written by Someone Who Was There. Full of
detail without being tedious. Always interesting. Lots
of anecdotes and loads of facts. Very good indeed. Buy it if
you see it.

Cynthia Lennon
A Twist of Lennon
Cynthia, still devoted to John, writes slightly better than
she draws, but her heart is in the right place - even if
objectivity goes out the window.

John Lennon
Ai: Japan Through John Lennon's Eyes
90 - Shogakukan / 92 - Cadence Books
John Lennon's sketches he created while learning the Japanese
language.   A must for anyone interested in learning the language,
or fans of Lennon's sketches.   Originally sold only as a supplemental
textbook, reprinted in the US for the mass market.

John Lennon
In His Own Write
Billed as 'his first book' in fact the majority of the
writings were first published in Bill Harry's Merseybeat.
Extensively analysed elsewhere. Essential reading.

John Lennon
The Penguin John Lennon
The immense success of the two short books, In His Own Write
and Spaniard in the Works, led Penguin (then the UK's
leading paperback publisher) to publish both in one volume.

John Lennon
Skywriting by Word of Mouth : and other writings
Obviously part finished and incomplete writings which should
be read, and judged, as such. Shows a frustrating glimpse
of what John's autobiography might have been like... if..

John Lennon
A Spaniard In The Works
The second compilation of John's writings. Analysed
exhaustively elsewhere. Essential reading.

Mark Lewisohn
The Beatles : 25 Years in the Life
A day-by-day compendium (1962-) of the Beatles' private
lives, parties, personal appearances, vacations. No index.
Helpful for settling arguments (just when was Ringo in

Mark Lewisohn
The Beatles Live!
A thorough source for Beatles' live club and concert dates,
with lots of information on repertoire, bookings, contracts,
appearances. Excellent scholarship. Lewisohn's books have
raised the standard of reliability in the whole area.
No index, but a free flexi-disc. Out of print; much of
this material was incorporated into "The Complete Beatles

Mark Lewisohn
The Beatles Recording History
A meticulous, virtually complete and more-than-most-people-
could-ask-for reference to the Abbey Road studio recordings,
beginning with June 1962 (the infamous "audition") and
continuing to the end of their official recording career.
Includes a discography of official releases, glossary,
index, and an interview with McCartney at the beginning.
Loaded with documentation and photos.

Mark Lewisohn
The Complete Beatles Chronicle 
Subtitled : The only definitive guide to the Beatles entire
career. Any Lewisohn book is bound to be first class. This is no
exception. As complete a history as exists re: the Fabs' recording,
radio, TV, and concert history.

Ian MacDonald
Revolution in the Head: The Beatles' Records in the Sixties
MacDonald has attempted an ambitious project: reviewing the Beatles'
recording history song by song. His focus is all-encompassing and
his footnoted credible, but he lacks the ability to sift sensible
social analysis from cultural codswallop, and he gets buried occasionally
in his own pomposity. Some factual errors also mar this work. It's not
for beginners, but fanatics will have a good time with it.

Stuart Madow and Jeff Sobel
The Colour of Your Dreams
A look at the so-called "Psychedelic years" of 1966-1968.
Unfortunately, the authors have a strong Lennon bias, making this book
far less interesting and useful than it might have been.

George Martin (with Jeremy Hornsby)
All You Need Is Ears
79 Macmillan
Any book by a member of the "Inner Circle" has to be worth
reading. This is not a vibrant book, it tells little of
GM's personal side, throws few insights on the recording
sessions, and has pages on the physics of sound.

George Martin
Making Music
George Martin relates some insights from both the artistic and
business sides of making music.   Other than just George Martin's
involvement, of interest to Beatle people because of a Paul McCartney

George Martin (with William Pearson)
Summer of Love : The Making of Sgt. Pepper 
George Martin gets well-deserved accolades for providing the Beatles
with exactly the right production touches, and for knowing when to
intrude and when to step back. He's told his version of the "Sgt.
Pepper" genesis many times, and it's nice, on the one hand, to have
it written down. On the other hand, this book is seriously flawed,
appears never to have been fact-checked or proofread, and suffers
from a dearth of provable documentation. Anecdotally interesting.

Peter McCabe and Robert D.Schonfeld
Apple to the Core : The Unmaking of The Beatles
Early and surprisingly perceptive analysis of the problems,
trials and tribulations at Apple. Too early to be
definitive, but will provide later scholars with guides
to good sources.

Linda McCartney
Linda's Pictures
Very nice 1976 collection of Linda's photos. Worth
grabbing if you see it as some of the shots are not
repeated in the 1992 glossy coffee table production.

Linda McCartney
Linda McCartney's Home Cooking
89 - Arcade Publishing
Linda presents recipes she came up with over the years cooking
vegetarian for Paul and family.   A bit heavy on the butter and
salt, but a good primer for those looking to cut back on meat.

Linda McCartney
Linda McCartney's Sixties
92 - Bulfinch
Before she was Mrs. Paul McCartney, Linda Eastman was a top-flight
rock photographer.   This book presents her photos of the people
and places of that era, including significant numbers of Beatles
and McCartney photos.

Michael McCartney
Mike Mac's Whites and Blacks (plus one colour) 
Paul's brother had a nice flair for photography and
preserved some very early shots of the Boys at the Cavern,
and that fab colour picture (c.1958) of the proto-Beatles
standing in Auntie Jin's front parlour.

Mike McCartney
Remember : The recollections and Photos of Mike McCartney
Paul married a good photographer and has one for a brother!
Excellently produced and printed follow up to 'Black & White.
A few previously unseen, but all are very evocative.

Mike McCartney
Thank U Very Much : Mike McCartney's Family Album
Paul's brother's photo-based light autobiography. Witty
tales, excellent early photos.

Paul McCartney
Give My Regards To Broad Street
Paul's glossy book-of-the-story-of-the-film. An interesting
memento of a film that this author enjoyed (so there!).
Nicely printed photos

Paul McCartney
The Paul McCartney World Tour Programme
Well produced concert programme that was supposed to have
been, but wasn't, given out 'free' to everyone who went to
the 89/90 tour concerts.

William McCoy and Mitchell McGeary
Every Little Thing
Full title continues... A Definitive Guide to Beatles
Recording Variations, Rare Mixes & Other Musical Oddities,
1958-1986. An interesting resource for tracking down many
of the currently available variants in the trading world.

Wilfrid Mellers
Twilight of The Gods : The Beatles in Retospect
An extremely learned book about the actual music, written by
a real professor of music. Too deep for this writer! Its
appearance added to William Mann's efforts in establishing
the Boys as real (as against 'pop') musicians.

Ross Michaels
George Harrison : Yesterday & Today
Fairly lightweight bio=pic introduction to George. In same
format as the 'In Their Own Words' series.
Short, but seems to acheive its modest targets in 88 pages.

The Beatles In Their Own Words
A good, well selected and illustrated selection of
quotes on a variety of predictable subjects.

Lee Minoff (et. al.)
Yellow Submarine
A novelization of the script of the Boy's third Film.
A pschycedelic delight.

Yellow Submarine Gift Book
Large format hardback illustrated (drawings from film)
version of the book-of-the-film. A pschycedelic
timepiece. (No idea why it is a "gift" book).

Carolyn Lee Mitchell
All Our Loving : A Beatles Fan's Memoir
The personal account of one of the Beatles Fans who came to
the UK from the USA just to hang around outside Paul's
London House. A love/hate relationship with Paul, and
no great fan of Linda. Badly written. For completists only.

Philip Norman
Shout! : The True Story of The Beatles
Norman, a journalist, wrote the first "realistic" (ie down-
and-dirty) biography, daring to suggest that The Beatles
were not the sweet young men the media promoted, but were
ordinary fellas of extraordinary talent caught up in the
miracle and morass of Beatlemania. Norman, for all his
careful research, relied more than necessary on unsubstan-
tiated, opinions, and many inaccuracies remain in this book.
Read, as with Hunter Davis, with this in mind.

Jim O'Donnel
Beatles '64 : A Hard Day's Night In America
Rayl travelled with them, and Gunther took the photos. A
good insiders' photo diary of the tour. Necessarily
censored, but some fine images.

Andru J. Reeve
Turn Me On, Dead Man : Complete Story of the McCartney Hoax
An excellently full account of the history of the Paul is
Dead "hoax". A few errors, a few omissions, but essential
& entertaining for all serious students.

Charles Reinhardt
You Can't Do That : Beatles Bootlegs and Novelty Recordings
So much has come out since this book was published that you
are advised to look on it as an early history of Beatles
bootlegs. For more contemporary information, try a back
issue of the music-trader's publication, Goldmine, esp.
the Nov 17th 1989 issue which featured Beatles rarities.

Tom Riley
Tell Me Why
Best when musicologist Riley sticks to submediants and
stays away from Beatles Interpretation 101. But a welcome
successor to Wilfred Mellors' Twilight of The Gods.

Helen Rosenbaum
The Beatles Trivia Quiz Book
An amusing little curio. "100 quizzes (sic) with 1001
questions". Delivers what it predicts. Worth grabbing if you see it.

Jeff Russell
The Beatles Album File and Complete Discography
Somewhat fraught with inaccuracies; in America it's called
The Beatles On Record.

Nishi F. Saimaru
The John Lennon Family ALbum
Exactly what it sounds like...a photo album of Lennon/Ono pictures.

Chris Salewicz
McCartney : The (Definitive) Biography
Not definitive, because Macca didn't co-operate with this
effort. However, some other close confidants must have
given some information (Mike Mac?) because the latter half
of the book is rather revealing. The first part seems
gleaned from other sources. (See Davis, Norman, et. al.)

Anthony Scaduto
The Beatles
Full title "Sex, Drugs, Music, Meditation ... what Next?
The Beatles - yesterday, today and tomorrow!"
Painfully dated nonsense, so bad that it is fascinatingly
absorbing reading. How did this ever get published?

Nicholas Schaffner
The Beatles Forever 
Excellent extensively illustrated volume showing the range
of memorabilia generated by the Boys who 'changed our
culture'.     Periodically reprinted.

Piet Schreuders, Mark Lewisohn, Adam Smith
The Beatles' London 
Lewisohn has lent his invaluable historical presence to this excellent
sourcebook. It's designed to be a guidebook to Fabs fans who want to
seek out Beatles sites in London, but it also gives one a vivid
impression of the Fabs' life in and around that famous city. Among
places covered are film sites, homes, convert venues, favorite clubs
and restaurants, premieres, and more. Excellent graphic design as well.

Tom Schultheiss
The Beatles : A Day in The Life
Dates from their "diaries" - 1960-70. Selective.

Frederic Seaman
John Lennon : Living on Borrowed Time
(aka: "The Last Days of John Lennon")
Fred Seaman was John's assistant for the last 18 months of
his life. Absorbing & readable account - but only John (&
Yoko) know how much is true. Seaman was prosecuted for
stealing John's diaries - he give his version.

David Sheff (ed. G. Barry Golson)
The Playboy Interviews with John Lennon & Yoko Ono
A major interview with John shortly before his murder.
Because it is among the last major interviews it will
provide material for researchers into John's life for the
rest of time. The transcript format makes it hard reading.

Billy Shepherd
The True Story of The Beatles
Early biography rushed out by the publishers of 'The Beatles
Book'. A wonderful timepiece, valuable for what it typefies
and not what it says (more accurately does not!).

Mark Shipper
Paperback Writer
The title continues... The Life and Times of The Beatles:
The spurious chronicle of their rise to stardom, their
triumphs & disasters, plus the amazing story of their
ultimate reunion. A Good Read, but file under fiction.

Pete Shotton (with Nicholas Schaffner)
John Lennon : In My Life 
Shotton was one of John's longest childhood friends, and was
an original Quarryman. That alone makes the book
worthwhile. A stronger co-author would have dropped the
rose tinted glasses a bit from time to time.

Denny Somach, Kathleen Somach, S Muni
Ticket to Ride
Interviews about the Beatles with 48 pop stars.
A good idea that didn't quite come off.

Denny Somach, Ken Sharp
Meet the Beatles...Again!
A second book based on the "Ticket to Ride" radio series.   Comes off
much better than the first, but still far from essential.

Brian Southall
Abbey Road
An EMI publicist writes about the history of the famous
EMI studios in Abbey Road, pre-Beatles and during The
Beatles time there. A good read.

Helen Spence
The Beatles Forever
Very glossy photo book. Some very nice photos, almost no
text. Worth picking up from a remainders bin. (Also
published as 'The Beatles').

Terence Spencer
It Was Thirty Years Ago Today
94 Bloomsbury
An excellent presentation of the early photo's of the Fabs
taken by the european photographer of 'Life'. A few of the
usual minor editorial errors - but more than made up for
but the quality of the photos and their presentation.
Rather silly title - how will it be sold a few years after
its first publication?

Neville Stannard
The Beatles Volume 1 : The Long and Winding Road
A history of The Beatles on Record. One of the first well
researched and thorough references, but the passage of time
means that a newer edition is needed.

Neville Stannard and John Toben
The Beatles Volume 2 : Working Class Heroes
The full title continues... The History of The Beatles Solo
Recordings. The passage of time since publication renders
this quite out of date.

Geoffrey Stokes
The Beatles
Large format, coffee table sized, 320 photos, cover by
Warhol. Includes good prints of Avedon's famous 1967
photo session for LOOK magazine.

Doug Sulpy
Illegal Beatles - Archival Back Issues 1986-1988
Former rmb regular Doug hits the bookstores with a
compilation of issues of his first Fanzine. Much about
bootlegs. For harcore fans. Doug now produces The 910.

Doug Sulpy and Ray Scweighardt
Drugs, Divorce and A Slipping Image
95 - available through the "910"
A painstaking catalogue and chronology of roughly thirty hours
worth of "Get Back" tapes.   Not a dry recitation of "what's
on the tapes and where" either, but an interesting story which
can perhaps only come from the perspective of as much listening
as these two gentlemen did.   As close as one can come to a time
machine and a key into Twickenham.

Derek Taylor
It Was Twenty Years Ago Today
Tied in with the mass media 'events' of 1987 this book sets
the context of The Summer of Love. Written by Derek Taylor,
therefore a good read, but take those pinches of salt.

Derek Taylor
As Time Goes By
Witty, entertaining autobiography from someone who has
moved in (and out) of The Beatles inner circle over the
years. His continuing close friendship with George of
course precludes any real insights. A Good Read.

George Tremlett
The John Lennon Story
NME writer and former Conservative London Councillor cuts
a mean job with a cuttings file.

George Tremlett
The Paul McCartney Story
NME writer and former Conservative London Councillor cuts
a mean job with a cuttings file.

George Tremlett
Rock Gold : The Music Millionares
Although in parts like an economics textbook, it is a
surprisingly interesting read about where (and how) the
MONEY goes. Could have been editted a bit more firmly, but
worth picking up if you see it.

Steve Turner
A Hard Day's Write: The Stories Behind Every Beatles Song
Lots ofinformative text, photographic documents, and readability make
this tome very useful to scholars of the Fabs' composition. Each song is
discussed in terms of its origins, and relevant quotes are provided. We
even get to see Julian's original schoolboy drawing entitled "Lucy in the
Sky with Diamonds"! Nice book, on balance worth getting.

Mark Wallgren
The Beatles on Record
(Not the same as Russell's US edition). Somewhat more
accurate than Russel's volume, but not up to Stannard's

Alan J. Weiner
The Beatles : A Recording History
86, 92, 93
Wiener subdivides his volume into helpful categories like
Alternate Takes, Bootlegs, Solo Years, as well as the main-
stream material. Everything is cross-referenced, and the
index is handy. He uses many sources, and occasionally
mistakes in the original remain uncorrected in this edition.

Allen J Weiner
The Beatles : The Ultimate Recording Guide
Reasonable reference book, well researched and well
presented. Covers UK & US discographies, bootlegs,
specials, unreleased, solo, CD etc etc .

Jann Wenner
Lennon Remembers : The Rolling Stone Interviews
This was John's first major in-depth interview since the
break-up of The Beatles. It makes fascinating reading of
his thought processes, and how he saw things in the
immediate aftermath.

Bob Whittaker
The Unseen Beatles 
Whittaker belongs to that exclusive group who actually took
a Beatles album cover shot (The Butcher cover, and the back
of Revolver). With this pedigree, the book is as good as
you'd expect. Excellent.

Jon Wiener
Come Together : John Lennon In His Time
An intelligent, academic, analysis of John's works written
for an intelligent, academic, readership. Readable,
well researched and accurate. (See also 'The Lennon
Companion : ed. Elizabeth Thomson).

Max Wilkie
The Art of Yellow Submarine
94 Vinyl Experience
Thin 40+pp LP sized account of the making of Yellow
Submarine. Not a heavy book, but excellent photo's make
it worth collecting if you like this period.

Alan Williams (with William Marshall)
The Man Who Gave The Beatles Away
Williams, The Beatles first "manager", weaves a nearly
bitter tale of the Boy's early attempts to make it in the
music business. Some good (but suspect) accounts of the
early trips to Hamburg.

Bob Woffinden
The Beatles Apart
81 - Proteus Books
A quickie tome published to cash in on the Beatlemania which followed
John's tragic death.   Despite the juvenile writing, the editors managed
to come up with many nice, rarely seen photos from the solo years.

Bill Wyman
Stone Alone
Although about The Other Band, this well written (not
ghosted) and researched book touches upon the interraction
between the two Great British bands of the 1960's.

Andrew Yule
The Man who 'Framed' the Beatles (AKA The Beatles and Richard Lester)
Diehard fans of Richard Lester (the director who did the Beatles'
films) will enjoy this tome. Its details of the making of "A Hard
Day's Night" and "Help!" are rather quickly dealt with; but the
funniest portion deals with Lester's TV production of several
projects involving The Goons (BBC radio's funnymen, much beloved
by the Fabs) during the fifties. Lester's latter-day film works
never quite measure up to those from his halcyon days...still an
enjoyable read.
If you've heard of a book you think should be included here, please
write to and let us know!

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